Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Game Pie

Ah ,1st of November ,the first day of the new Pheasant shooting season.I really do'nt know why I never go out shooting any more because I always found it to be very enjoyable and great craic.Its certainly not that I object to it or to those who do it,and I hav'nt gone off eating Pheasant,Mallard,Venison or any other
similar meats,as a matter of fact I anticipate with relish the forthcoming Game
season every year.Pheasants may be very pretty looking birds but are no less stupid
than any other,and I can feel no sympathy or pity for those that are brought down,
especially as they are bred and reared specifically to be shot.Not a native bird,
Pheasants originate in China and would be extinct in this country were it not for the
gun clubs who rear them.

I still have my guns though and keep them in the hope of catching a few Cream-crackers breaking in to my house,in which case I will blow their heads off with my
warning shots and any survivors I will shoot in the legs,from the waist up,cunts.
Other than them and Bluebottles I have no wish to kill any creature so much so that
I hate even stepping on insects.

Maybe its because the craic went out of it after I joined a gun club as I liked
poaching and probably still am a poacher at heart,its much more fun sneaking around an estate or farm and having to run like fuck having had a shot.Also the
majority of gun club members are insignificant little arseholes who strut around
waving their guns in loco penis.My ex-employer,a proper little wart if ever there was one ,is a case in point.I'd really hate to be the bird shot by that snivelling,squeaky-voiced,miserable little excuse of a cunt,not that it makes much difference to the bird,
but you know what I mean.Now hes the type I was talking about the other day,the
type of cunt that buys fireworks.

If this was an American blog,I would have a fancy clicky buttony poppy uppy
type section where I might share my wonderful recipes for game pie and roast
Pheasant with Brandy,Cream and Celery,but I do'nt know how to work it,and
anyway I'm far too selfish to share my recipes with you lot.


Dr Maroon said...

I see the water has too much oestrogen in it in Ireland the same as here. Recipes? Recipes? Christ, it’ll be knitting patterns and household fucking tips next. And what is Celery? Is it Kosher? Is it a spice, a herb, what? You really shouldn’t get involved in the preparation side, your housekeeper will resent it.
Don’t worry, once you’re out and killed a few things you’ll feel better. Good Shootin’.

muff diver said...

What in blue-Vishnu's name is:

Do'nt ?

the anti-barney said...

I use the Apostrophe willy-nilly
because it shows off my lack of
education,and because it irritates
the fuck out of pedants,not mentioning any names Mz.Diver,you
cunt-lapping cunt.

El Barbudo said...

You mean do'nt isn't an abbreviation for doughnut?

You got my saliva glands all worked up for nothing.

the anti-barney said...

Could be could'nt it.I'd imagine
a muff diver is what you'd need to clean your beard after a warm sticky

Dr Maroon said...

I'm with AB on this one, I like a sprinkling of commas and stuff esp colons. A gentleman will know the meaning intended.

the anti-barney said...

Yes indeed Doc.and said gentleman
will also resist snide remarks,
unless they'''re witty,,,
of course.;,:.,

Dr. E. Scientist, phD. said...

Me Grammar once went in to the hospital for a high colonic and she slipped into a comma.

Fucking tragic, it was.