Thursday, November 10, 2005

Children are like Farts.

Children are like farts,you can just about stand your own.Paying to raise your own children
is bad enough without having to shell out on someone else's little fuckers.If you must have children,one or both of you can stay the fuck home to look after them and don't expect the state
i.e.the tax payer, to subsidise childminders if you work,or state funding if you stay home.
If both parents have to work to pay the mortgage then get a smaller house,if you can't afford a smaller house then move to Clare or Limerick,or some other backward and cheaper place.If you
still can't afford a house then rent an apartment or don't have children.The world does'nt need
any more kids,the place is overrun with them,Ireland does'nt need them for our future work-
force,it's far cheaper to import fully grown workers from Eastern Europe than to grow our own.
You don't raise a pig out the back garden in case you need sausages at the weekend or a piece
of Ham for Christmas,no,you buy them if and when you want them.

If you want to produce something,produce micro-chips or renewable energy,something that is scarce and needed ,anything in fact ,but children.If you insist on having babies,don't expect me to pay for them.You've made your bed,rolled in it,now fucking lie in it.You were'nt
subsidised,nor your parents so why the fuck should your off-spring be subsidised.84% of
households where both parents work favour a state payment for stay-at-home parents,what a
sur-fucking-prise,its like asking kids are they in favour of Christmas.Heres another shock,90%
of them think the state should provide tax relief to pay for childcare.Do they not think the
Government would claw it back some other way?,do they not think child-care costs would
rocket once tax relief was granted ?

If theres going to be grants,it should be for not having babies,Heres a thousand per annum
tax-free allowance,each,and here missus,five grand cash,tax-free,off to Holles St. with you to
get your womb hacked out,don't be late for work next week.Thats what I'd call family planning.


El Barbudo said...

Oh the wonders of a Catholic country where contraception will guarantee you a one way trip to hell, and lack of it ensure's you're living there anyway.

Brewski said...

You have hit the fucking nail on the head there AB. Halflings are ruinous shite and no mistake. Something must be done.

the anti-barney said...

Yes'n then you get some selfish oul'cunt on a chat show.......
"tell me about yourself Mary"
and Mary puffs out her saggy oul'chest and says
"I've 16 childer still alive and 6 dead ones,would've had more only my poor husband was kilt being mugged for the childrens allowance money,I've one hundred grand-children and two million great-grand-children.".........
Aren't you the greeaat Woman,Mary."
When the oul' cunt should be hiding her head in shame for polluting the world with her bovine-faced pug-ugly,riketty-legged off-spring.Fuck off home and keep your legs closed,you oul'cunt.