Friday, November 25, 2005

Raison D'Etre

During one of my brief periods of sleep last night I dreamed
that there was no George Bush or Dick Cheney.What a result
this would be for the States and the rest of the world,if only
it were true.Bush must be the most detested little bollocks
in the history of the planet.At least half of Americans can't
stand him,together with the Canadians and Mexico.He's
done no favours for South America,and I think we know
where the citizens of the old Soviet Bloc stand.The Chinese,
if they thought about the insignificant little cunt,wouldn't
piss on him if he was on fire,while he's angered quite a few
Africans in his time.Then we have the State of Islam,what
can you say ?

But what about the poor bloggers ?The B.B.C. reckon that
there are 19 million of us out here,with another 70,000
coming on line every day,now thats some bullshit getting
spouted every week.I reckon at least half of which is
anti-Bush and that Bush is the very reason so many blogs
were instituted in the first place as you can't piss so many
people off without getting some kind of reaction.As most
bloggers are reactionaries,we'd be rightly fucked without
Bush and some evil cunt would have to invent the
preposterous little Poultice.


Brewski said...

AB has hit the fucking sweet spot. Bush and Cheney I piss on! Evil is in the Whitehouse, my friend, and at this point they are incredibly dangerous. Like wounded animals. With rabies.
And the net? Let's fucking enjoy it while it lasts, before it's all corraled and cunting corporatized. Wagons Ho you fuckers!

Dr Maroon said...

Jesus Brewski, don't encourage him.

LindyK said...

It's not even half of Americans who can stand him, Barnes -- his approval rating is at like 30%, the shiester... fuck and alas! And what can we do?! Impeachment is a disaster (as we already proved), so maybe piracy is our only option...

On a lighter note, my WV is blttgyei -- I believe that's a spirit, similar to a poltergeist, only this one is destined to be George Best's harpy...

Charlie said...

The three prime evils are loose
the end times are coming!(yet again)

the anti-barney said...

30% is still a fair number who'd still vote for him given the chance,lindy.But good work Americans,keep it up,MUST do better.Charlie,I think Osama is the least evil of your unholy Trinity,certainly the most harmless.

Andraste said...

Osama's a cunt. But right now I'm still more afraid of Bush than I've been of any US president...for that matter, any political figure. Brewski's wounded animals with rabies right now. We have drifted into the arena of the unwell.