Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Freudian Slip.

Doctor Tim and Willow seemed to hit it off after that,we
could never fathom what the doctor got out of it but
Willow was Quite pleased to drink with the only man
in the bar who didn't consider him a wanker.Tim now
joined us most afternoons before catching the dart to
Greystones.He was a most affable and charming man,
with a wide range of experiences to call upon,although
he had the uncanny knack of turning the conversation
to rugby.
On Monday,having tasted his pint and sipped his
Paddy,Tim smiled to himself and said,

"I made a Freudian slip over the Weekend,when I
was in the States."

"A wha'?",said his new friend.

"A Freudian slip.Its when you mean to say one thing,
but something else comes out."

"I see.",lied Willow.

"Yes,you see I was going on the train to Picksville and
the young lady selling the tickets had the most
enormous breasts.Instead of asking for two tickets
to Picksville,what I asked for was two pickets to

"Yes",we all laughed.
Yesterday,Willow informed us,

"I had one of those Freudian slips myself today."


"Fuckin' sure.What I meant to say was,pass the
marmalade dear,but what came out was;
You horrible fat cow,you've ruined my life.

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Ha! You're going to make Jokemail very jealous if you keep on posting stuff like this. Not that I have anything against cows, of course, I just wouldn't drink their milk.