Monday, November 14, 2005

Q & A

Q ; What do you call a semi-comatose,incoherent,gibbering imbecilic pauper ?

A ;Unfortunately,in my case,its husband.

The feckin' oul ' eejit thinks he's still a young lad,able to drink for four straight
days like he used to.Just before he lapsed into unconsciousness,he mumbled
something to the effect that he will be in touch with you if his eyesight returns.

Yours,in torment,



Dr Maroon said...

A terrrrible calamity!

Nosey said...

Ah, poor missus A-B. I suppose there was a time when you thought he was the cat's pajamas. Now you know he's of a different stripe entirely. Still, maybe he won a few bob at Cheltenham.... can't wait till his eyesight comes back; or could fill in for him for a while?