Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm not going to shoot fish in a barrel and joke about
Mary Harney's beauty treatments

But I ax you, If a single parent
asked for , say, 20 euro, for a hairdo for a job interview
what would be the answer ? Why do these Ministers and top
Civil Servants need their salaries of 200 grand plus ?,
do they ever spend a cent of their own money ?
The Chairman of Harvey Norman ( more about them later )
says the economic lanscape in Ireland is akin to the
Potato Famine and perhaps he's right except this time
it's our own who are robbing and cheating us and generally
making things worse for every one now and for the forseeable
When Harvey Norman first came to these shores I forbade
Malicia from ever darkening their doors simply because
of their Ads. I refuse to be bellowed at by some loud-
mouthed Australian, so now ,fuck off and Go Harvey Go.

Friday, November 21, 2008

X Rated

Never took to Simon Cowell, the little shortarse bollix off the
X Factor, and his teeth are far too white to be wholesome,
what sort of an Englishman has those ? Is he ashamed of
his culture or what ? Not to mention his smarminess and
his wonderful opinion of himself , nor his crimes against the
aural senses.
And that was before his present incarnation wherby he, his
pet poodle bitch-boy Louis Walsh and the twins, Vapid and
Vacuous insult and degrade unfortunates whose selfish and
money-grabbing families have convinced them have a
modicum of talent, reducing them to tearful, broken wrecks
after queing for hours for the priviledge of being humiliated.
All for our delight and delectation, and to make more money
for shortarse.
This is bad enough, but having weeded out the hopeless , the
infirm and the downright useless, appalling conestants, the
circus begins to find who will win the competition and be the
Christmas no.1, the best-selling Single of Christmas week.
Cowell and his horrid crew are telling US what we will be
buying at Christmas. Only it's not us who'll be doing the
buying, the fact that you're here means you have some
semblance of a brain, so you won't fall for his shite. Nor any
of the usual suspects who chose what music they down-load
or purchase with their hard-earned. No, the only ones who
are guaranteed to fall for this annual super-con are the pre-
teens and 12/13 year olds who are desperately trying to be
cool in the eyes of their friends and siblings, making their
first foray into the few Record Stores that are left open.
This is where I have the problem in that every show from
now to the end of the series is just a glorified grooming pro-
cess for these children to get them to put whoever he, Cowell,
choses into the no.1 slot, on the week he chooses. To my mind
it is a form of legalised paedophilia.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Split-Stomach Day

Do you know what day it is today ? I thought not. It's only the
feast day of St. Martin of Tours, patron saint of Vintners and
Drunkards and also just happens to be the day for starting to
drink wine from the new grape vintage, tradition goes.
It was also, in my father's time, the traditional day for
slaughtering the pig that wouldn't gain any more over the
Winter, only eating and wasting valuable feed. The butchered
carcass would be layered in a tea-chest with copious quantities
of salt ,best bits on the bottom and ending up with the shoulder,
hocks, cheeks and trotters on top.
Quite often ,if it had been a very large pig, all the meat could
not be cured in this way and whatever could not be saved
was feasted on for a few days of Martinmas, the last feast
before Christmas, which is why Martinmas was always known
as Split-Stomach Day .

Thursday, November 06, 2008

If only some of my dogs had been this quick out of the traps !

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Isn't it great to see that after 2 hard years of trials and
tribulations, even as many doubted his resolve, his ability
to succeed at the very top, where most observers felt
there to be no place for a young, vibrant non-white in a
world dominated by rich white men that the world can
no longer deny the talents of Lewis Hamilton.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I was about to finish my story but have decided to suspend

myself for 1 week because of my unacceptable behaviour

and gross misconduct.
In the meantime I leave you a touch of class ;