Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm not going to shoot fish in a barrel and joke about
Mary Harney's beauty treatments

But I ax you, If a single parent
asked for , say, 20 euro, for a hairdo for a job interview
what would be the answer ? Why do these Ministers and top
Civil Servants need their salaries of 200 grand plus ?,
do they ever spend a cent of their own money ?
The Chairman of Harvey Norman ( more about them later )
says the economic lanscape in Ireland is akin to the
Potato Famine and perhaps he's right except this time
it's our own who are robbing and cheating us and generally
making things worse for every one now and for the forseeable
When Harvey Norman first came to these shores I forbade
Malicia from ever darkening their doors simply because
of their Ads. I refuse to be bellowed at by some loud-
mouthed Australian, so now ,fuck off and Go Harvey Go.


Dr Maroon said...

I'll have to catch up Barney.
Btw, I knew the 11th was Martinmas because it is a Scottish quarter day. So there.
Give us an hour or two to read all this.

the anti-barney said...

Hey Doc.,did you try that music I recommended ?
I didn't know you were part Yiddish.

Conan Drumm said...


Dr Maroon said...

Whatd'ya mean part Yiddish? Yiddish is a language you cheeky fucker. Do you think Maroon is a Scottish name? Related perhaps through the McIntyres to McDuff or something?
So far on your Jukebox, I have endured Blind Faith all the way through to Angie by the Stones.

the anti-barney said...
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the anti-barney said...

Doc.,I didn't know that but then again I have little Knowledge of the Jewish Faith, 'nannyways I thought Hebrew was the language. I have no problem with either, it's only Israeli's I can't abide, the few who I've come across have been arrogant swine.
I meant the 2 Scottish artists I put on your blog some time ago.

Conan, welcome aboard, I think. I havn't had an " Indeed " since 1st. year. Sorry Sir, the dog ate my homework

Mrs Pouncer said...

(Hebrew is usually spoken by Israelis; Yiddish by E. European Jews. Descendants usually give themselves away by shoving ill-spelt Yiddish phrases into their blogs; this is how we recognise each other. Puerile, I know).

the anti-barney said...

Ah, the exquisite Mrs. Pouncer, ta failte romhat ( "you're welcome here", lest there be any misunderstanding ),now that is fascinating, it's for times like this that, I feel, the internet was invented. I feel closer to your faith already.
But if I may be so bold as to ask,
are not the majority of Israeli's of European descent, specifically East or Middle European ? If so, have they forsaken their Yiddish phrases and taken on Hebrew ones ?
No catch, no flippancy here on my part, I'm just wondering.

Mrs Pouncer said...

The majority of Israeli Jews are Serphadic, and Hebrew is the language of the State of Israel. Yiddish is regarded as the language of the victim, the diaspora language, spoken by Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern and Middle Europe. Most people who speak Yiddish will also know some Hebrew; you know, enough to buy a paper or ask directions to the dog track.

savannah said...

so, hey, sugar! thought i'd drop by after visiitng the doc and check y'all out! xox every picture i see of your mre. harney looks worse than the last!

the anti-barney said...

Thank you Mrs. Pouncer, most informative although I've yet to be asked directions to Shelbourne Park in Yiddish, or Hebrew for that matter.

Savannah, I have the Mint and sugar frosting in glasses beside me here ( see next post ), I've always been partial to Juleps, along with all other drinks, of course.You are most welcome.