Monday, November 28, 2005

So Whats Been Happening ?

Ah,there you are.I must have left the keys in the blog
'cause nothing's as I left it,but theres no scratches or
dents so no harm done,I suppose.These Joy-bloggers
are a real nuisance,mark my words,somebody is
going to be badly insulted by a joy-blogger before
the government acts.That they come from broken
homes or illiterate families is no excuse for such
anti-social behaviour as there is plenty of help out
there should they chose to look.I would like to
apologise here and now for any insult,real or
unintentional,made by a third party using my
blog as I should have insulted you personally.

I was going to give you my recipe for Spit-roast
stuffed Greyhound today but there is'nt enough
time.All I can do is give you bloggers a timely
reminder to make sure your blog is securely put
away when you're finished using it as there are
a lot of unsavoury characters about.


El Barbudo said...

I had a joy-blogger break in and start swearing and cussing all over the place. Nobody noticed the difference. No harm done.

Brewski said...

jesus Christ, now I have to look out for joy-bloggers. How gay is that?

El Barbudo said...

Some people will believe anything. And anyone who believes such a thing coming from Anti-Barney and me is really fucking gullible indeed.

the anti-barney said...

Speak for yourself,you bearded fuck.

Brewski said...

You think I believed you ElB? I may be an innocent in many respects, but, unlike you it appears, I am not a divvy cunt!