Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday morning Going Up

Happy days are here again,the course of anti-biotics
is nearly gone.The next time you hear from me,I
will be outside half a bottle of the purest Vodka
in my cellar (Cupboard ) along with some amber
nectar,perhaps a modicum of cider and a geeful of
Hennessy,but thats all as I don't want to overdo it
at this stage and feel I should ease myself back in
to the land of the un-living.Slainte.


Brewski said...

Gwarn my old son! Fair play. Slainte.

El Barbudo said...

Clearly George Best was something of a role model for you.

the anti-barney said...

Au Contraire dear Barbie,whats not generally known is that George was in fact a disciple of MINE,having learned his skills from me.He was about to come clean in a joint biography we were to write together next year,I suppose no fucker will believe me now.I could teach him nothing about drinking though.

Andraste said...

I'll drink to that.

Dr Maroon said...

It's like watching a carcrash in slow motion. 3 dry days might've taught you something. Is it that blue vodka? I've asked for it but no one knows what i'm on about.

the anti-barney said...

It'd only put hairs on your chest Dr.,Smirnoff and others produce a blue label Vodka along with red and
black,blue always being the strongest,up to 80% proof.It is
therefore ideal for a quick hit but
too strong to sip sociably all evening.I usually guzzle Polish Blue that a sea-pilot friend strokes for me,you could strip paint with it but............