Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hanging is too good for 'em.

Having just read Bintys excellent,thoughtful and
provocative post ,
and re-read an older one on the same subject,I hope he
doesn't mind if I play Devil's Advocate here for a bit.

I salute him for his forgiving nature and his faith in
humanity.Being the possesser of neither traits and with
no wish to gain them ,I have always supported the Death
penalty and given the chance would add a few more crimes
to be dealt with in this way.One wonders what sort of
Democracy we live in when the pollsters constantly tell
us that the majority of voters in Great Britain and in
Ireland are in favour of Capital Punishment,yet is never
used although I think it remains on the statute books.

Statistically most of the populace can never have been
directly effected by the heinous crimes under consider-
ation here but still hold these views and whats wrong
with wanting Justice or even Revenge.They're perfectly
human traits which have served the Race well since time
began.Spite ? Maybe it is spiteful to wish to see some
toe-rag hanged or fried for killing a loved one,but it is also
a very natural reaction .I sincerely hope Binty never feels
the desire to change his views following personal experience
and of course the World would be a better place if it was
full of people like Binty and empty of cunts like me,but it
ain't gonna happen.Wake up and smell the shite.

That woman's mother is behaving in a saintly manner and
I hope she gets peace of mind and heart.For most people
though,a killer might just as well have murdered a victim's
entire family as well,such is the sense of loss ,desolation
and sense of vulnerability and the only true closure they
will ever get is one the death of the murderer.
Paradoxically the only murderer that I never wanted to
see hanged is the bastard who killed someone very close
to me and that is because when he is released,the last
thing the cunt will ever see is a certain person standing
over him with a pair of pliars.Fact.


Its just been brought to my attention that Kim Ayres also
did a post on this very
subject yesterday,so between us you have the Good,the
Bad and the Ugly of Capital Punishment.


Binty McShae said...

Don't mind you playing devil's advocate one bit... my post provoked probably a bigger reaction than I have ever had before. Kim Ayers also wrote in response - check it out at

fatmammycat said...

Pliars you say? Try a vice grip on the digits and a black and decker cordless drill to the kneecap. I'm told a hot knitting needle to the eardrum is a bit of a bollocks too.
Anyhoo, only one and one half hours to go before I'm heading off for a gin and tonic, I've given up drinking during the week altogether, so Friday now becoome of the utmost importance to me. I swear, I think the hands on the clock are going backwards.

the anti-barney said...

Binty,you may have noticed that it
quickly turned into an A.B.Advocate,one of the results of being a slow typer,more time to think.
Fmc.,nothing too sharp (and quick )
the pliars are to pull off his eye-lids so we can look each other in the eye as the business progresses.
Good guzzling this weekend.
To all would be commenters,I take your silence as agreement with my views which is very gratifying and
we'll consider the matter closed,shall we ? Good,tomorrow we'll skip over Abortion,Animal rights and Euthanasia.

Foot Eater said...

AntiB, I used to support the death penalty until a couple of years ago and am not particularly bothered about the so-called rights of murderers, as I think rights can be forfeited. The reason I changed my mind is because of the real possibility of mistakes being made. With imprisonment, mistakes can also be made but at least there's some redress once the error has been discovered. But as I commented on Binty's site, I would personally wish death on anyone who killed somebody close to me, and that's why I don't think I should be consulted about the punishment in such a case - my emotions would rule my head.

Perhaps we should have a vote and present the result to Parliament? "The Blog Cunts would like it noted..."

Dr Maroon said...

"I take your silence as agreement with my views"

Not necessarily, the silence is caused mainly by starting to reply, getting caught up in the issue and finding you’ve typed out four pages of diatribe. Kim’s first few paragraphs are right!
Individuals have the right to feel justice in revenge. The State does not.

And that stuff about pulling off eyelids with pliars. Fuck me!

SafeTinspector said...

What of the "three beers to sexy" of Capital Punishment?!?