Monday, January 16, 2006

Dead Mice Walking

I hate those meeces to pieces ............Update.

The problem was obviously worse than I thought and
the little cunts have eaten me out of house and home,in the
rat-bait sense I mean.Twelve Euro worth,1/2 Kilo of best
block-bait,gone.Great fuckin' stuff this,I thought,its so
effective they're bringing all their mates around to party.
Its the fucking Greens again,getting all the good stuff
taken out of the poison,like they did with D.D.T.

D.D.T. was the business,before the cunts got it banned in
the Seventies.If you treated a flea-ridden dog with it,you
could see them jumping off the dog,stone dead.Any fleas that
didn't jump,you'd comb out later,and them black as coal.Not
only that,but the dog would stay flea-free for the year,no ice,
no lemon and no fuckin' messin',as the bar manager used to
say to us.There was also the side effect of saving millions upon
millions from Malaria,and Malaria is becoming so rampant
again that more countries are starting to use D.D.T. again.

Anyway,like all men,in times of crisis and when all else fails,
read the instructions.And there you have it,like a big
gobshite I've been poisoning already poisoned mice as the
bait takes three or four days to work.

On a lighter note note I'm to become even more of a cartoon
character over at Barbie's new site.He and Kim Ayres have
created a new cartoon site at and
I wish him the best of luck with it and hope they have an ocean
of fun.


El Barbudo said...

You'll only get to be a cartoon character if you fucking create one and send it to Kim.

New Character page is up which shows that so far there are only 5 of us. Even Footeater got one together.

If that doesn't shame you into action...

Foot Eater said...

I'm too young to remember the glory days of DDT but I spend hours listening to older people's stories about that romantic, bygone era.

Oh, and fuck you very much, Barbudo.

fatmammycat said...

I hope those sodding mice don't die all over your house leaving strange pongs everywhere. A badger died under the back porch at our old house once, what a stench.

Dr Maroon said...

EL B you fucking Indian! Moving the fucking goalposts. And i'm not amused by the fucking turd neither.

FootEater, you may be young but you'll still have it (DDT) in your system somewhere, along with the strontium 90 from Windscale and the ceasium from Chernobyl, so relax, you're one of us.

FMC is right! Although modern poisons have chemicals that kill the bugs and quickly dehydrate the little meece corpses to avoid smelly-dead-mouse-in-the-skirting misery. Don't think it'd work on a badger mind. Phew!

El Barbudo said...

Shouldn't it be Anti-B replying to all these comments Dr M? I think you're forgetting who's blog your on. Or are YOU Juliasbo in disguise?

Dr Maroon said...

The man's busy, I'm helping out. Christallmighty.
Anyway you've got enough to do i'da thought.