Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cheerful Charlie

Charles Kennedy forced to resign after admitting
abusing alcohol.
Like I've always said,never admit to fuck all.

If a liar admits lying,how do you know if hes
telling the truth ?

How the fuck does Menzies become Ming ?

I've been reading some of the comments I posted here
and there yesterday and some of them seem a little
ratty,even for me.All I can say is Jagermeister.


Dr Maroon said...

Admit fuck all, especially with a hangover when your judgement might be clouded. Remember, sarcasm and bilious irony are the highest form of wit, if there’s sensitive souls out there who can’t take it that’s there lookout. My guts are shot and my beloved Celtic have just been beat by Clyde of all teams (could’ve been 5:0), do you here me crying?
You’re fucking right you do.

V word = wwnjn. Winging? no kidding!

Dr Maroon said...

Spelling corrections

that's THEIR lookout
HEAR me crying
and WHINGEING not winging.

What a fucking shambles.

Charlie said...

I guess ming got rid of flash

fatmammycat said...

Jesus Doc, you were spanked-and not in a good way. Not exactly the opening match for Keane either.
mmmm, Jagermeister...
Barney, tomorrow I'm going on a month long dry out, to see if my liver regenerates. Tonight however me and Mr liver are going to tango til one of us drops. Good night.

Brewski said...

If I've been drinking Jagermeister I attach a speaking car alarm to my person, "Step away from the Brewski, step away from the Brewski". I will argue about the colour of the sky with you.
You - "Brewski, the sky is blue man".
Me - "You can fuck off. Fuck. Is it fuck. Buy me another, it's time to talk religion and politics for fuck's sake".

the anti-barney said...

Serves Celtic right for signing that knacker,Keane.Flash Gordan is alive,Charlie is dead.Don't do it Fmc.,Your liver will think your throat has been cut and shut down.
You and me Brewski,you and me,and the irony is that we're probably the last bastards on the planet that should be let near a bottle of Jagermeister.

Binty McShae said...

Go on the Bully Wee!!! Sorry Doc, but AB is absolutely correct... Keano, once a bully now Bully Wee'd on!

Dr Maroon said...

Truly the Net is the place. I thought I knew it all, but two new drinks in as many months. I am determined to find this Jagermeisester. Would Lidl’s have it you think?

Binty, you would have loved it. Clyde had two good goals disallowed and a penalty saved. The fact that the referee was a Knight of Saint Columba was totally coincidental and panders to the conspiracy theorists. Keano played all right, but what he must be thinking is anyone’s guess. After the game the pundits worked out that Graeme Roberts (that’s right, HIM) has an ANNUAL wage budget of £200 000. Celtic burn that every week in floodlights Oh me miserum.

the anti-barney said...

Be careful Doc.,its not to be taken in moderation.

Binty McShae said...

Jaegermeister tastes repugnant. Truly awful. If I drank through my cupboard and the only drinks left were Jaegermeister and meths I would hit the meths first.... The only thing that beats Jaegermeister is a drink called Unicum from Hungary - tastes even worse than it sounds.