Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shower of Cunts.

Enough of this poxy navel-gazing.

Just who the fuck do they think they are ?Fuck off you shower
of utter cunts and pay for your own club,association,party or
whatever the fuck you want to call it.If I or anyone else wish
to form a club for the benefit of its members,said members
are expected,and more than willing to pay for it.What people
don't do is to bribe rich businessmen for funding or expect
other tax-payers to pay for it.What do they do with all this
money ?Apart from lining their own pockets they squander
it in a vain attempt to convince us of the brilliance of their
ideas and how much better they are than the other shower
(of cunts).

Well heres the news fuckface,there is no difference.there is
not an original thought or idea between the whole stinking
lot of you.You want to manage the country ?You couldn't
manage a good shite.If a solution to the problems in Health,
Education or the Middle East crawled under your desk and
performed Fellatio/cunnilingus on you ,you wouldn't recog-
nise it,you fucking Baboons.As a matter of fact Baboons would
be preferable,more honest,hardworking and cheaper,not to
mention,easier to train.

Then you have the sheer fucking gall to expect us to pay
for those shiny leaflets that nobody reads,the ones that
bear testimony to your lies and broken promises.Or those
stupid posters that litter the streets for months after an
election?,yes the ones with your ugly bovine heads on them.
Tell me,when was the last time one single person had
their mind changed by some arsehole on a poster? You don't
need to go to Blackpool or Brighton for your piss-ups,all you
are doing is preaching to the converted,nobody else is
interested in your lies/self-promotion/propaganda.

What you should get off the taxpayer is what you're entit-
led to and what you deserve,which is fuck-all.there should
be a limit of 500 pound put on every canditate's expendit-
ure so to eliminate any need for funding.Don't worry,in the
unlikely event that you come up with something remotely
interesting,new or clever to say,we will hear about it.The
Sun WILL print it,Jeremy Paxman or Sky News WILL tell
us,for fucks sake the Angels will sing it once they get over
the shock.

In the meantime get your precious arses off your high
horses and join the fucking real world.


Twenty Major said...

Fucking Amen, brother.

fatmammycat said...

The handshaking has begun!! The absolute bastards. It is like nick knack on the doors.

Binty McShae said...

Fucking cunts the lot of 'em. In every single country. Similar shit going on across the whole region over here and the only bonus is that at least they're a bit more open about the fact that they're just a shower of shites.

Brewski said...

Fuckin' right. Fuck those useless power-obsessed fat fucks.

SheBah said...

Tell it like it is, AntiB! Politicians are all fuckwits. No exceptions anywhere, they're all from the fuckwit species.

Foot Eater said...

I'm not up on my Irish politics, so do you mean by this that political parties there are to be funded publicly? They're debating that shit here in Britain at the moment.

Dr Maroon said...

So, like, whatdya really think about these politcal party types?

the anti-barney said...

Great,so we're unanimous then.

Footsie,no its not here yet but it crops up from time to time when one of the cunts gets caught with his snout in the trough.