Friday, March 03, 2006

Bloody little Cur.

Not that I give two fucks what the lady in question was up to
or not up to,but I was delighted to see the phrase being used.,,2-2006100346,,00.html
Lord knows there are enough Brazen Hussies about these days
but nobody appears to describe them as such.It is such a
wonderful description, it roles off the tongue so delightfully
and yet leaves no room for error in its intended use.

Older readers hear will have often heard the term used,but
even the younger ones among you,if you close your eyes and
hiss it, can picture the delighted venom with which it might
have been used by gossiping neighbours in a small village.
For the recipient there would be no way back from being
branded a Brazen Hussy,she would stay one for ever more.

Other terms used by my parents but not heard so much these
days (except by me sometimes) and require little explaination;

Dirty oul' melt,

Bloody little Cur, or worse ,Curan (Curawn = young Cur)


and the GALL of yer wan.

All relatively harmless but delivered with the right amount
of venom there was no need for additives like fucks and
cunts to get their message across.


fatmammycat said...

'urgh, the bleedin' STATE of it!'
Or my personal favourite, 'Go on ya GEEBAG.'
Sigh, boarding school, best money my parents ever spent.

Twenty Major said...

Geebag is possibly the greatest insult ever invented. It's especially funny when you hear Italians use it.

Foot Eater said...

You've used 'melt' before, AB. What does it mean?

the anti-barney said...

Fmc. and Twenty,Geebag is certainly well to the fore in my arsenal of insults,even more so since it was by googling "Geebag" that I first discovered blogging,specifically your site,Twenty,which had a comment by Fmc. on it about Geebags.

Footsie,A melt is a type of unfertilized fish egg like a spawn.So as in being called "Spawn of the Devil" you could consider yourself highly insulted if you were called a "Whore's Melt" or even just an oul' Melt.