Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I predict a Riot

You really have to hand it to the oul' Froggies when it comes to
letting their feelings be known.Known the world over for their
sophistication and laid-back attidude but all this goes out the
window if you piss them off.

In this case they disprove the theory that a million people can't
be wrong as they so plainly are.They don't equate high unem-
ployment with the fact that its so hard to sack the cunts over
there.I have employed people in my time (some of them are
doing reasonably well again since the therapy) and I swear it
would have been easier to train monkeys,sack them ?,it took a
supreme effort not to strangle them.

But thats beside the point,if they don't like something they're
not behind the door in letting you know.Mess them around
and before you have a drag on a Gitane all you Ports are
blockaded and your Highways choked-up.Can you see them
putting up with unfortunate people on trolleys in A&E dep-
artments of hospitals for three days ?I see our fat cunt over
here is clapping
her fanny-flaps by promising that nobody should have to
remain on a trolley for more than 24 hours, isn't she just
wonderful,a fuckin' saint,Joan of Arkle.

Where was I ?,oh yes the French,imagine the fun if they ever
try to introduce a smoking ban.


fatmammycat said...

Stupid Frenchies.
I don't see what the big deal is, I've been sacked from pretty much every job I've been in. That's why I work for myself, and although I do from time to time have to give myself a stern talking to I've never once threatened to quit or felt like sacking myself.

the anti-barney said...

You must be too easy on yourself or you'd quit in a flash.Its hard to fall out with yourself but I often manage it,sometimes I don't speak to myself for days.I once fell out with my Springer,didn't talk to him for 2 days.

I seem to have stopped your comments for a while yesterday with my ironic pot/kettle jab at Twenty,sorry pet.

Dr Maroon said...

No you never.
I was trying to think of anything romantic that had happened to me.
I'm sure it must have.

The French love a riot. You only have to mention that cheddar cheese is better toasted than brie and off they go, burning sheep and Algerians in the streets. I don't get it. Every night, hundreds of illegal immigrants charge the razor wire and guard dogs to hang onto freight trains coming through the tunnel. Are they mad? I could see it if they were trying to get from England TO France. What have they been told?

"I see our fat cunt over here is clapping her fanny-flaps.."

Any charming, romantic incidents you want to share with us?

the anti-barney said...

I too was trying to think of something extra-romantic I did but nothing comes to mind although I did bring her to Prague once.
When I was in the I often brought home boxes of flowers and because there was so many in the box I'd give some to my mother and sister as well.The last time I gave her flowers she said,
"I suppose you gave some to half the country as well."
"Well fuck you." And that was the last fuckin' flowers she ever got off me,over 20 years ago.

Dr Maroon said...

Fucking brilliant.
They can't help themselves can they? Mind you, flowers can get you out some awful scrapes.

Brewski said...

The French, to borrow a term from the Good D., are fiddly fuckers. Paris? Who the fuck goes to Paris anymore? Orchids fucking rule though.

fatmammycat said...

Don't worry about comments, I never do.
I'm watching Harney right now. She is sittng in the Dail, fuming like a vicious looking Sea lion on RTE now that the opposition are tearing her a new one.
Imagine, she finally discovers there is a problem. How long has she been Minister for Health again?

Foot Eater said...

Doc Maroon said once he liked the French, so he's a liar for starters. Unlike me. A liar, I mean.

the anti-barney said...

You can like them while still considering them a tad odd.