Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Parade that died of Shame.

Once upon a time the citizens of this country used to commem-
orate those who died in the 1916 Rising by holding a parade in
Dublin on Easter Sunday.This was all harmless enough as it gave
Families something to do to celebrate the ending of the Lenten
fast and a chance to gawk at a few politicians who in those days
were considered to be respectable,honest and pillars of the
community.It also gave politicians an excuse to strut around and
preen themselves before the masses.

The last big parade was held in 1966 to mark the 50th anniv-
ersary of the Rising,there was even a new silver 10 shilling piece
minted to mark the occasion.

That was all before the I.R.A. started their murderous campaign
and hi-jacked the parade along with our language and flag.The
Government ceased sponsering the activities at Easter and the
parade was no more.People became too embarassed to go to
Ballad sessions as some of the songs would have Republican ideals
in the lyrics.Where before it was all part of a good night out to
have a sing-song regaling the sanguine sacrifices of a few mis-
guided patriots,now it became distasteful.

People honestly tried to speak the cupla fochail of the Irish lan-
guage in the brave new Ireland of the 60s until the slaughter,
then only the pretentious and the rabid Republicans wanted to
use it.

Despite the fact that the Rising was a failure,that the partici-
pants were jeered by Dubliners on their capture,it still has a
pivotal place in the Irish disposition and always will.

Now that the leaders of the baby-killers have become Armani
wearing would-be Statesmen and because our Government
wish to take our minds off their crookedness and ineptidude,
we are going to witness a sprint along O'Connell street to the
G.P.O. by politicians from official Ireland and Sinn Fein in
an unseemly race to see who represents Republicanism the
most (or should that be the worst) in this year's renewal.


Foot Eater said...

Sublime post, AB. I feel sick when I see our own (British) leadership cosying up to the bastards.

On a lighter note, I've just spent ten minutes pissing myself reading Babelfish translations of your blog in German and Italian. It's worth doing this for your link list alone.

fatmammycat said...

Well said Barney. It is a farce.

Dr Maroon said...

FootEater, I would prefer if you would not call them bastards.

a) St Anthony Blair MA (Oxon) God's permanent ambassador to England makes me queasy full stop.

b) I have a lot of American relatives (rolling in it) who should not be blamed for Tony cosying up to them.

c) T Blair, born in Glasgow, schooled in Edinburgh, is he Scatch? is he f

and d) I have stayed in Dublin as a guest of Michael Collins' nephew's daughter! (I think I got that right).

Brewski said...

Succinct and to the point there AB. On a lighter note, I'm in Dublin in a week or two for an indefinite period, and would appreciate a nod from you as to your favoured boozers. I've a feeling your recommendations would suit. Cheers!

Charlie said...

If they were to recreate the 1916 post office last stand with the politicians in the post office and the public standing in the for the army and the public gave the politicians a good groin kicking and eye gouging i would organise the event myself.

Kim Ayres said...

With the Union Jack vigourously waved by the BNP, Loyalist paramilitaries, Rangers supporters and royalists, I can't say that I'm inclined to show much allegiance to my flag either

Willy C Wuddle said...

Hi Antibarney.....I was here awhile ago but it was a long 36 hour day so I dozed off. Keep kicking that purple fugger's ass. Hey, wanna glass of my coffee brew?

Willy C Wuddle said...

Did you feed Clark lately??????????????? He bit my fuggin hand off.

the anti-barney said...

Well said Charlie.

Kim,isn't it a sad thing to grow ashamed of one's country?

Your coffee sounds good Willie.

Brewski,it depends on what part of Dublin you're in but stay the fuck out of Temple Bar (its full of Brits and Scots),theres a couple of decent pubs in Sth. William st.Let me know when you get here,maybe...........