Friday, March 10, 2006

My part in his downfall.

In those days the talk always turned to the war and THEIR
part in it.Strangely enough,I never came across any ordinary
seamen or soldiers,every one of themseemed to have been
Sergeants or Corporals,at the very least.I.E.

My platoon was surrounded on all sides by the Jerries,the food
was gone,there was no water and we'd no ammo for the .303s
or the Bren-guns, and I was the worse off because I had a Bren-
gun and a .303. ???

Mind you my Doubting-Thomas instinct got me into trouble
on one occasion when I burst out laughing on being told by
my companion that he had been a stoker on a Submarine,only
to find out that there was such a position.

The funniest story was that during the war,most of the
Trawlers were commandeered by the navy as mine-sweepers
with their Skippers given the rank of Liutenant and various
positions allocated to deck-hands.On one occasion a Deck-hand
was doing sentry duty on Hull docks on a cold foggy night.A
Royal Navy officer was returning to his ship and said to his

"Lets test this sentry.",and when he made a scuffling sound
a voice called out of the fog,

"Halt,who goes there,friend or foe ?"

"Foe "

"If you're goin' to muck about like that,I'm goin' home."


fatmammycat said...

Have a good weekend sweetie!

Dr Maroon said...

Advance foe and be recognised. I wonder if you can help. I think I heard mention of a horse race 'meet' in Gloucestershire sometime next week. Any truth in the rumour and will you be in attendance?
What's all this nonsense about racing the poor beasts anyway?

the anti-barney said...

Slainte Fmc.
Naw doc.,unfortunately the rumours are untrue due to a severe case of the galloping impecuniosities.However I will be taking most of the week off to play at gambling.Good luck at Lansdowne rd. this afternoon.