Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Schoolyard Bullies

The only bright side to America's insidious influence over the
world is that ALL previous empires have fallen and are now
without pots within which to piss.Strictly speaking,America
is not an empire but her culture and influence are more far-
reaching than say,the British empire where the Sun never
set.Well the Sun cannot set on the American empire since
they annexed the Moon and Space.None of us will ever live
to see America become the butt of jokes like Little Brittainers,
Italians and Greeks have but we can rest assured that happen
it will.

We can even have a sneaky snigger at the loud-mouthed fat
bastards that waddle our way this Summer in the knowledge
of what will become of their off-spring.Don't be tempted to
feel sorry for them either because out of every group you
meet,at least half of them will have voted for Bush.Now theres
a fuckin' beaut.

Georgie boy,Dubya,the missing link,brain-dead pox-bottle,
cruel-as-Caligula cunt.I, for one,havn't bothered commenting
on the little bollix for a while because for one it is just too easy
to mock him,God knows,he he gives enough reasons but also
because he is mid-way through his final term and he can't do
much more to fuck-up the world,can he ? Of course he can and
what he is considering doing in Iran doesn't bear thinking about
but that is not the frightening thing.

What is frightening is who WE are going to be inflicted with
next. I say we because as leader of the free world he will be
our president as well, God help us.As far as I can see the Dem-
ocrats have Hilary Clinton and no one else and you can forget
about her as middle America is too backward to elect a woman.
No,the Republicans have perfected the Neo-Con right-wing
cloning machine and will have some red-neck none of us have
ever heard of puffing out his chest even as we speak,ready to
carry on the crusade.

Meanwhile Bush and his henchman Rhumsfeld strut the world
like schoolyard bullies,picking on the weak,Iraq and Afghanistan,
while avoiding the other bullies, China and North Korea,lest
they be given bloody noses.



fatmammycat said...

I haven't read your post, nor shall I until tomorrow as I am having rather a bit of trouble seeing straight, but I did read your comment in the last one and it appears- to my Coronita-ed self- that you are taking a bit of a hiatus.
May I just say that I am against it, and that yours is one of the first blogs I check every day for more of your familiar views and stories. And, might I just add, that I shall miss you terribly.
Either way, if you are off, I salute you and eagerly await your return.
Yours, with lots of sloppy and probably indecent kisses, do drop by as often as you wish, mi casa es tu casa, fatmammycat.

Dr Maroon said...

I check this one first too!

Me niether. (read your post yet)What I want to know is this, if you had to give yourself a name ala Piers Brosnan / James Bond what would it be?

I want an Irish name that you'd be happy with.

Quite important.

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

Binty McShae said...

You're actually number 4 on my list, I'm afraid, after Cogs, Brewski (although that's not exactly fruitful at the mo) and Doc M. I just go down the links list on my page in order, to be honest...

Anyway, rumours persist that Condoleeza Rice could be up for nomination....Which they reckon might swing the female vote and the black vote the Republican way. Let's fucking hope not!

SheBah said...

I reckon we should stop worrying about the US and start learning Chinese......fast!

SheBah said...

Barns - Have just read your Genesis post again in a new light -in view of your final comment - I didn't realise at first reading that it was a swansong. Enjoy your blog break, don't stay way too long.

Andraste said...

Don't get me started on our 'president.' Calling him a chimp is an insult to chimps.

The only way we'll get a democrat in there, is if he's a southern democrat, because the idiots in our southern states will never vote "for one of them thar liberal northerners." And this makes me want to PUKE because of that ignorance...what about the ISSUES, Bubba?!

...I should leave it at that, because Glark is looking at me expectantly, and I need a play break.

Kim Ayres said...

You're up there in my top 5 too. I'll keep popping my head round the door until I see new signs of activity!

And if you're not up for the blog entry style of being creative, it's been a while since you sent me a Blunt Cogs script - don't forget you can still do them!

fatmammycat said...

Ah this totally sucks. It's just not right.

Anonymous said...

You can't stop now Barney, I just got here!

fatmammycat said...

Seriously Barney, this really bites.

justin barker said...

Burnout takes another victim.

the anti-barney said...

Burnout me bollix,I've still a bit of ranting to do.Good luck with your Mayday protest Justin,I forbade Malicia to buy even a paper today.

Thanks to all my wellwishers.
Fmc.,I'm beside you in spirit.

Dr Maroon said...

I hope to fuck you're not beside me in spirit. It's crowded enough just now thank you.

TGM said...

If voting could change things in America --they would make it illegal. The NeoCons are simply the ass-buddies of the NeoDems (you will probably start hearing Hillary getting called DemoCon or a NeoDem --like Tony Blair is New Labor).

Bushie is simply the talking head for the New World Order. He does what he is told by the Neocons and their "Americas" handlers. The NWO is now defunct--it is now called the "Americas". They have slammed together all of America, Canada and Mexico without telling anyone (unless you are good at reading between the lines--the fools changed the name from NWO when they thought too many people were on to them).

After September 11th America took over the initiative and put the UN out of Business. America become the UN in enforcing Global Governence (What is good for Global Democracy, Human Rights, globalism, CORPORATIONS). And now comes the allergic reaction from planet earth.

Again, if voting could change things ---they would make it illegal. Look for Bush to be given the go ahead for all kinds of horrible things. He is in his last term and his approval ratings are the worst of any President in a LONG time. This script was written some time ago.

Oh rest easy ---America is going down sooner and faster than anyone thinks. Don't believe for a minute the Democrats will change anything. Don't think for a minute this is all a Conspiracy----
Peas in a Pod do not have to Conspire.

And don't think for a minute that all this immigration amnesty is for poor Mexicans. They want to insure against a super majority backlash that could tip the Two Party System for good.

And one last time ---if voting could change things in America --they would make it illegal.

Anonymous said...

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