Thursday, February 23, 2006


Now I could never be accused of overburdening myself with

the troubles of others,as a matter of fact,were my surname to

be the same as a certain Jewish Psychoanalysist,my first name

would be Schaden,as I am more than likely to take an unseemly

pleasure out of said misfortunes.However,the present spot of

bother that we in the West are experiencing with our Muslim

brethren can so easily be sorted that I feel the necessity to

forward the solution,especially as there could be a drink in

it for me.

If the Muslims still want the Cartoonist's heads,we'll give them

heads,after all,we all look the same to them,and very few

people know what they look like anyway.All it takes is for

the Editor of that Danish Newspaper to announce that his

Cartoonists have gone missing,and after a few days, some

likely character (heres where I come in) gets in touch with

the head Buck-cat Muslim and offers him the required

number of heads,simple.It needn't even cost the Govern-

ments any money as I would try to cover my expences

with the million Dollars bounty.I'm sure Footsie could

provide me with a few heads,He'll have one shortly if the

Judge has anything to do with it.

The only drawback I can find is that I may have to shed

my anonymity when I collect my Nobel Peace prize.



Foot Eater said...

I can give you a little head if you really want, AB, but are you sure you ought to be mentioning this in so public a forum?

the anti-barney said...

Depends who you really are Footsie,maybe you're actually LindyK.

El Barbudo said...

Between SafeTi's 27 Anon and Footeater's trial of Kim, the paranoia about who could be who is spreading like herpes.

LindyK said...

So what are you saying, Barnes...?!

justin barker said...

Good idea, pull it off and there's a bottle of absenta in it too.

Dr Maroon said...

Sir Clement, the great analyst's grandson, says he spent his national service fighting
outside Maryhill barracks in Glasgow.

the anti-barney said...

Lindy,wishful thinking,thats all,when HEAD is mentioned,you don't want to think of an ugly one,do you?
Barbie,even the bloggers themselves
are doubting their own identities,e.g.,both Kim and Dr.Maroon think they're Lethargic,whoever he is.Seriously though,I wonder if their meeting has anything to do with their current states of mind as their perceptions of each other has to have changed and the bubbles of mystery and intrigue surrounding (other) bloggers has been burst.A lesson to all of us who may have wished to meet other bloggers at some point.
Justin,que tal?,WHEN I pull it off there'll be bottles of everything.
Doc.,hang on in there me oul'pal.We'll be here when you're good and ready.