Sunday, February 05, 2006

All I'm Saying is.......

You don't mind "Who wants to be a Millionaire " so
much because there is a bit of skill involved,along with
a good dose of general knowledge and also because of
the structure of the show with its multiple choice answers
lets us all have a go at guessing the answers .Its also
great fun watching some cunt squirm and sweat before
losing 93,000 pounds when you know the answer.The
shows that get on my tits are the ones that give out
thousands of pounds with no skill involved like that
Lotto show over here with the audience oohing and
aahing and whooping like Zulus whenever someone wins
another car or holiday.I know some of the audience will
be members of the contestant's family and therefore
stand to gain something.

But what is the attraction here,all I'm saying is what is
the point in watching some other cunt winning a shit-
load of money.


Gorilla Bananas said...

No point at all, AB, but Who wants to be a millionaire? is produced by Complete Communications, which is an associate company of Investinmedia. Investinmedia is a stock in my portfolio which has done well, so who am I to complain about peoples' tastes?

Buxom Beth has given 27inchesofcocksucker a great put down on my blog. I'm going to delete any other comments the fucker posts on that thread to piss him off.

Foot Eater said...

For me, the pleasure of watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire comes when some high-minded know-it-all appears and thinks he or she deserves to make it to the top spot, and then falls on his or her arse. Most of the contestants are normal, likeable people, but every so often you get some twat who thinks that just because they're at university they're a cut above the rest. There was one girl who came on a few years ago, full of airs and graces, and made a point of mentioning repeatedly that she was reading English at Durham. She fucked up badly and couldn't even multiply 100 by 100. She left with £1,000. Sorry, I know she was a struggling student and all, and I'm a malignant fucker, but I pissed myself laughing at that.

Maja said...

I refuse to watch that shitty show in any country! The drama and suspense are ridiculous. It's like playing a game of trivial pursuit with morons who don't know the answer but refuse to guess without hints and cry about how unfair it is when they didn't know the answer: pointless and frustrating.

Monstee said...

Saw a guy go out on the first round of WwtbaM once. Over here its like $100 but this guy didn't ever get that! Question was "What's the name of the popular children's game 'Duck, duck, ____'?" The answers were something like "A: Duck B: Goose C: Wanker D: Cunt " ...or something like that. And he's like "Well I know that there IS a game Duck, duck, goose.... and I don't think its wanker.... and I'm pretty sure that cunt it right out. But I know that you guy on this show like to fuck with people and even though this is the first question and is ALWAYS so easy that any brainless git can get it right... I'm going to assume you're fucking with me and say A: Duck." Fucker left with $0 and me laughed till me almost shit.

Dr Maroon said...

On the Australian weakest link, a contestant was asked: "what is the main ingredient in a daiquiri?"

his reply: "I've never had a fucking daiquiri."

the anti-barney said...

Maja and Monstee,welcome aboard.
G.B.,apart from your investment portfolio,would you watch money-crazed humans on the box.
Doc. and Footsie,again I say,Where is the fun in watching someone ELSE
winning money ? Its not begrudgery,I don't care as its not mine or likely to be,but it isn't my idea of entertainment either.

Foot Eater said...

No, the fun is seeing someone have money within his grasp and then seeing it cruelly snatched away because of his own stupidity.

the anti-barney said...

Footsie,you've just gone up in my estimation

Stella said...

Hi Anti-barney, followed you over from Kim's blog. Presume you are referring to "Winning Streak" - my kids love it but that show just makes me cringgggggggggeeeeeeeeee.

the anti-barney said...

Make yourself at home Stella,I was indeed referring to the excruciating "Winning Streak "