Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Last Waltz

As I watched the Last Waltz last night it occured to me that
of all the historical events ever,here was one of the few
I would love to have witnessed and attended.Apart from
one place three years ago on new years eve which is very
personal,I can think of no event or occasion that I would get
out of bed to watch or witness other than the farewell
performance of the Band.

Moses parting the sea,Nelson's death at Trafalgar,the
discovery of penicillin,Arkle's first Gold cup,you can have
them all,probably only ruin my image of how they
occured anyway.

My sister was living in San Francisco in 1976 and had
written to me about the event but it didn't register
much as most bands that I liked eg. Cream,and even
cunts like the Beatles,which I didn't were breaking up
at that time and a lot of my heroes eg.Jimmi and Janis
were brown bread.Robbie and the Band,by fuck they
were good.


Dr Maroon said...

The discovery of penicillin? What would you see? A grumpy old bastard looking at some glass saucers scratching his head. Wow. Hold me back!

Gorilla Bananas said...

Dr M is right. Watching two elephants mate would be better.

the anti-barney said...

Well what would YOU like to have witnessed ?

Dr Maroon said...

Shergar being buried.
Hitler shooting himself.
Who was on the grassy knoll.
The guy mixing up coca-cola for the first time.
The Resurrection.

Right come on, a joke’s a joke. Turn the comments back on.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Hey AB, your next post was superb. You turned a horrible disease into something funny. It's as if you looked the grim reaper in the eye socket, took away his scythe and rammed it through his pelvic cavity. You shouldn't have turned off the comments, because there were ten of us queuing up to kiss your arse.

Brewski said...

Fucking right.