Thursday, December 01, 2005


Barney fuckled off to Barcelona yesterday to have a gander
at the shit that Gawdy fuckled up.pity he never got around to
finishing stuff.I got great Craic out of Harry Hudson´s idea of
leaving a few cigarette butts in the plane´s jacks.The
passenger using the jacks after me reported getting the
smell of smoke but Barney was too cute for them and had
collected butts outside the airport that had lipstick on them.
Harry is clever,it does piss them off.


Anonymous said...

How very dare you, Gaudi is a legend! Get out there and edumacate yourselves, I hear they do great design book over there.
I wonder how Barney is logging on from Barcelona?
I love Barney but hate most dinosaurs, especially the ones that piss me off all day Monday to Friday 9-5, big, over grown fuckin lizards. Wish they were all extinct!

Binty McShae said...

Gaudi is the fucking man!

Gotta try that cig butt thing though.... fair play!

Brewski said...

If you diss Gaudi you are a total cunt. That is my reasoned and fair take on the matter.