Thursday, December 15, 2005

He Died Roaring

It was a common enough saying years ago when some
poor fucker died of cancer and I suppose a lot of them
did die roaring as the drugs available back then were
nowhere near as powerful as they are now.Then as now
it is still a shitty way to go and the chances are that
some of you will have lost loved ones to this disease.
This was not my doing as it is unlikely that we will have
ever came across each other.

I first discovered that I could give cancer to people
about 25 years ago after Dawn Run's gold cup.
Previous to this I had wished cancer on four or five
people and they had died of it but I had considered
this to be no more than a happy coincidence and they
deserved it anyway,the cunts.Dawn Run winning the
Gold cup cost me a right few quid and after the race
I said I hoped that Jonjoe O' Neill (jockey) got cancer
and that she (Dawn Run ) broke her neck.This she
did one or two races later and Jonjoe got cancer,
though he didn't die of it.

To date I can claim eight positive deaths by cancer
and one particular cunt,an ex-partner who did me
out of a shit-load of money that committed suicide
when he got it.There are probably several more but
as they would have been strangers to me,say in
traffic,or anyone else who irritated me ,I cannot
say whether they died or not.Around that time I
was quite flathulach with the oul' cancer wishing.

The corollary to this was that I also had healing
hands which I discovered accidently,or rather
reasoned out.I was pondering my powers one day
following the death of that bollocks of my ex-partner
and was wondering how to profit from it,apart from
the satisfaction,of course.I reasoned that if I could
do evil then the chances were that I could also do
good.I practised laying my hands on members of
my family and found that I could relieve mild
doses of pain like sore wrists or headaches.

I was in a lot of pain myself at that time which was
making me more contrary and aggressive,and since
I couldn't cure myself,the amusement of curing
others quickly faded.Following an operation, my
pain was alleviated and with it went a lot of my
bitterness and a good portion of evilness also and
I havn't wished cancer on anyone in a while.
Strangely enough my ability to cure has also
gone because I tried to cure my wife's sore
wrist a few weeks ago but felt nothing,no cure.

I firmly believe that he who lives by the sword
dies by the sword,and I fully expect to get cancer
myself,but I won't die of it.Myself and a good
mate have made a pact that if either of us gets
the big C we will give each other a cocktail of
Heroin,Morphine and Coke,go out with a smile ,
as it were.

By the way ,there will be no comments to this
post as I don't care what you think,It's the way
it was.