Saturday, December 10, 2005

G.M. foods

Fuck off and leave our food alone.Foodstuffs of all
description has existed without your fucking help
or interference for millions of years,you shower of
interfering cunts.We don't care what figures or
statistics you come up with because we don't fucking
believe you.You're only a bunch of self-serving cunts,
you cunts.

You do not need to cross-fertilize tomatoes with an
Alaskan Halibut to make them resistant to frost.We
do not need to grow enough wheat in our window
boxes to feed the multitudes,there is plenty of wheat for
everybody as it is.If you want to fuck around with
something,improve the distribution system,you lying
sleeveen bastards.Fuck off and do something useful for
once in your lying and cheating underhanded lives,go
and come up with a cheap clean fuel,if you havn't done
so already,you sneaky fuckers.

You needn't sneer at us for being ignorant luddites
who are afraid to embrace technology either,you
sneering bastards because we understand what you
are doing only too well,so you can fuck right off.

We don't fucking want them,what part of
fuck off
do you not understand.


Dr Maroon said...

I like my tomatoes to be able to swim. What's the fucking problem?

the anti-barney said...

You probably want blue tomatoes Doc.

Dr Maroon said...

No but Binty might.