Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saving Florida

Scene: Whitehouse bunker.

Time : Sunday A.M.

Cast : George and Jedd Bush,Condoleeza Rice,sundry Gofors and other useless Consultants.

Camera 2 closes up to George,standing perplexed in front of meteorological of area.

George :"And these here circley lines,they represent our front-line defences,right.General?"

General Brownnose (5 star) :" Ahem,yes Mr. Presudent."

George : "Great work,General,we must all do our dudy.Condy,pull out a chair for Tony,he's on his way and for God's sake do'nt mention those Goddamn 350,000 food packs,he's already mentioned sending budgies and parrots to comfort our distressed senior citizens."

Mz. Rice : "Certainly,Mr. President,but if he offers,we could accept and send them to Africa as part of our third world contribution along with the Mad Cow packs."

George : "Great thinking,Condy, good to know someone,s thinking outside the box."

General Brownnose (5 star) : "Yes,Mr. President,and if they prove to have this h2 o thing we
can release them all over Cuba."

George : " Yes yes we'll call it Operation Bay of Parrots."

Cue dramatic music

George : Ah Tony,welcome to the bunker.Now that we're all here lets join hands and offer up a
sign of hope and forgiveness and gratitude for all the goodness in this world,altogether now,

I love you,you love me,we're a happy family ............................................

fade out to sickly sweet singing.


Jerome Jackson said...

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the anti-barney said...

What the fuck was that?

LindyK said...

If you want to avoid spammy shite like that comment, turn on your word verification option... it's a pain in the arse, but it saves you from commenty shite like that...

You're off to a rather good start, being adopted by Dr. M! Congrats and keep up the blog goodness!

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the anti-barney said...

Thanks,Lindy,I will.

Dr Maroon said...

I have not adopted you