Saturday, October 29, 2005

Earwigging at the Blather Factory

The first fucker I see when I opened the door is that mouth Asbo,him who makes "Big mouth Billy Bass "look positively purse-lipped.Luckily for me he had his back to me 'cause I owe
him 50 euro and you know what he's like when he hits the top shelf.The other place around the corner was nearly as bad with a session in full flow and a sing song in the snug,you'd think it was
11.30 in the P.M. instead of the A.M.It was just as well I had to leave the other place as I could
only stay till tea-time so we would'nt have been able to have a proper session anyway.I wanted to watch the "Breeders Cup " tonight as I have a severe interest in "Starcraft"later on and most places will have the football on,the cunts.

We were discussing your man,no not him,the other bollix,the one with the long,greasy
hair and the Greyhounds,

"What sort of a gobshite is he anyway and shure shes as bad."

"You're fuckin' right there,theres a pair of them in it."

"And he still has'nt got a clue about her,still thinks she goes to the Movies twice a week."

"Ah,she loves the oul' fillums,he says,the fuckin' eejit."

"And her as ugly as a bag of spanners,the ugly fuck,it just shows you."

"Yes it just shows you,you can't even thrust an ugly one,still,it serves the cunt right,he stopped
that dog last month and I lost me bollix on it."

"But he told us he was stopping it."

"I know,but I did'nt believe the sneaky cunt,he told us that before."

"No you can't trust any fucker these days,still,if he ever finds out about her,she'll get a lump-
hammer between the eyes,the oul' cunt."

"Yes'n he can feed her to them poxy dogs,can't make them any slower."

"Might make 'em more flighty though,he'll have to run them over hurdles,the dogs,and the
Bitch's fannies will be eating the legs off them with the horn,if they take after the oul'cunt."

"I see they've identified that womans carcass they found last week,had to use dental records."

"Its your man I feel sorry for,the husband,what a life hes had."

"Yes,more of an existance than a life,the poor cunt."

"And the last few months must have been the worst,God help him,and now this."

"No,it has'nt been easy for him,can't have been."

"Can't,still,I wonder what she did to finally send him over the edge."

"Yes,must've been bad"

"Must've been awful,did you know them?"


"Me neither."


Dr Maroon said...

What about Intercontinental? Must be good for a punt.

the anti-barney said...

Smacks of aftertiming there Doc.,
if not,hope you had a nice touch,
14/1 mmmmmm