Saturday, October 22, 2005


So the dead parrot of the Acopolypse has arrived at last,and about time too.Lets hope he's not sleeping,pining or pretending,an ex-parrot in fact.Mind you,according to the B.B.C., Heathrow Airport is no longer a part of the U.K. as technically, Great Britain remains free of Avian Flu. Are they trying a "Python"? Is the parrot dead or merely pining?Is he sleeping or has the
Empire abandoned Heathrow and left it to its own devices?
What about all the old and lonely people who have no other company apart from their beloved budgie or cockatoo? Are they to strangle their only companion or perhaps be packed
off to quarantine camps with their pets? Perhaps they will be exiled to the now stateless Heathrow?
Still,every cloud is not without it's silver lining and we can always hope that among the earliest casualties of the Pandemic will be the likes of the unmentionable Louis Walsh,who should have been prosecuted years ago for polluting the airwaves and in general for being a
thoroughly objectionable and horrible little bollix.Rumour has it that he has been coaching a
quartet of Mynah birds to take over when Westlife are discovered to be in reality a gang of
Polish Ladyboy Carpenters living here illegally while drawing the Dole.


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Dr Maroon said...

You have it exact. The caged birds must die, but can you still get budgies? It was always big hairy-arsed riveters that kept them. They would batter the whole family on a Saturday night but keep their last pint money for a packet of Trill. By Christ yes, no B&Q on a Sunday for them. Sic transit etc.

Dr Maroon said...

See? There are three comments but it says only one on the front for some reason.

El Barbudo said...

Dr Maroon - have you ever tried using your fucking refresh button?

If the problem still won't go away, then change your browser. IE6 is a fucker with it's cache.

Do you think this cunt will respond to his postings?

the anti-barney said...

Probably,but thanks for the comments anyway.