Friday, October 28, 2005


Well golly gosh and jeepers,the little divil of an Internet swallowed up my post
yesterday and now it's gone forever.I would'nt mind but it was a particularly long one,probably one of the best blogs ever written,ever,in which I solved world poverty
and invented a new renewable energy source.It was incisive,constructive,witty and the grammar was proper,not like the usual oul' shite I've been spouting.Being so devastated by losing my work,I immediately took to the bottle,as you do,Blue Vodka,
and now I've forgotten my formulae,all I recall about the latter is that it involved the
rendering down of Romanians and Welsh,making it a win/ win situation.
I know the Internet is a wonderful invention and a great asset to Mankind but
from where I'm sitting now it's just a useless piece of syphilitic septic gee of a whore's cunted cocksucking pigfaced arsehole,may it rot in Hell,the cunt.I would'nt mind but it was a long one.


Dr Maroon said...

Yeah you say that, but where’s the proof man?
And blue vodka? Wtfitmwy? An Irishman, a true Irishman, drinks Morgan’s spiced rum and Bacardi Breezers. J, M & J !
Why not copy and paste the very important bounty of your experience from Word or Works over to the blog post bit?
Any relative 9 - 30 years old will show you what to do.

El Barbudo said...

"syphilitic septic gee of a whore's cunted cocksucking pigfaced arsehole"

I tug my beard at you with respect!

the anti-barney said...

Praise indeed,O Bearded One,and
Doctor,as a true-blooded Irishman,
I drink anything and everything
except that diabetic whores piss
known as Southern Comfort,If you're offering.

LindyK said...

Anything and everything but SoCo? Surely you must be a bit more picky... I just can't picture you sitting around with a bright pink Cosmo or a lovely little Appletini (or any other girlie drink equivalent)...

the anti-barney said...

Do'nt know what they are,Lindyk,
but they can't be so bad that I
could'nt dilute them with a little
Polish Blue or Poteen!!

LindyK said...

They're the epitomes of girlie wussy drinks -- a hint of vodka and mostly all flavoured liqueurs... blech. It's not that they're bad, it's just that I don't think you could make them any better with the addition of extra vodka... course once you're already drunk, maybe you wouldn't notice how lousy they actually are... there's a thought...

Brewski said...

Alco-pops can burn in hell. They are awful shite, and should not be allowed. If I ever see any of you drinking one, I will be sorely disappointed.