Monday, October 24, 2005

Death in Moscow

So what if Liam Lawlor died with a young,beautiful enterpreter's head on his lap while driving through a red light district of Moscow in the early hours of the morning?I hope he was on his third enterpreter of the day.Here was a multi-millionaire ex-politician property developer on his ownsome,away from home in a city where everything and anything is available 24 hours a day,from a blowjob to a nuclear warhead.IN such circumstances what multi-millionaire ex-politician property developer would'nt use an "enterpreter"?
Now,I'm not saying Mr. Lawlor was sqeaky clean,far from it,in fact he came across as a right Bollix.But the fact remains that for all his faults he was honest.Yes,among the herd of unscrupulous,greedy ,grasping,under-achieving nonentities that pass for politicians in this country,Liam Lawler stood out as an honest dishonest politician.Once he was bought,he stayed bought.He did his time,thrice,and never spilled a bean.What he must have known about where all the Skelletons are buried one can only imagine,but I really and fondly hope that he has an extremely fat file of memoirs left safely somewhere.I might even start working on my version of them myself.
Politicians are the second oldest profession in the world,but not nearly as honourable as the oldest.When I was a young up-and-coming member (before the scandal broke) the first thing we learned was how to cajole "donations" from any Gobshite stupid enough to give them,the trick being never to promise anything but offer to look into it,no matter what it was.
I now belong to the Billy Connolly school of thought on Politicians.Never vote for anyone who wants to be elected.the very fact that they do should automatically
disqualify them as they are up to something.

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