Friday, July 28, 2006

From the Navajo Beautyway Healing Chart.

All that has harmed me will leave me,

leaving my body cool once more.

Within me today,I shall be well.

All fever will come from me,

and leave me,leave my brow cool.

I will hear today

and see today

and be my own true self today.

This is the day I shall walk.

This is the day when all that is ill will leave me

and I shall be as I was,

as I walk in a cool body.

This day onwards I shall be happy

for nothing will prevent me.

I shall walk and beauty will go before me.

I shall walk and beauty will be behind me.

I shall walk and beauty will be above me.

I shall walk and beauty will be beneath me.

I shall walk and beauty will surround me.

I shall walk and speak of beauty.

For the rest of my days I shall be whole,

for all things are beautiful.

Sin e.

A.B. has left the building.


fatmammycat said...

Oh yes Cuz, saturday morning hangovers are the absolute worst.

Kim Ayres said...

A break with tradition, but I like it :)

the anti-barney said...

Thanks Cuz,thanks Kim,I didn't want to finish with a negative post.
Re-read the end.

fatmammycat said...

I know I got it, but I hate good byes.

Dr Maroon said...

Lang may yer lum reek

Kim Ayres said...

Yeah, I figured. Hope you still drop by sometimes. Thought you might like the latest BC strip given your last couple of posts too.

Take care old friend

El Barbudo said...

It's a better end than a funeral you come back from. G'luck

LindyK said...

Aww Barnes, just when I'm back you're bowing out -- my rotten luck. Take care, and best of luck to you and yours.

Binty McShae said...

Take care mate - you'll be missed.

fatmammycat said...

Oh Barnabus, this totally bites. I shall miss your dulcet tones. Do drop by when ever you get a chance, I'd be delighted to have you. Not in the biblical sense-what with us being related and all, but you know what I mean.
Love Fatmammycat X

Monstee said...

Good-bye AB. You were good, you were fun and you were good fun!
Keep the hate and don't let the spiders spin they webs on ya.

SheBah said...

All the best, AB. Are you going to give us a hint of your new site before you pack up here?

Gentleman-hobbs said...

Well I must say, this is a blog that doesn't sit on the fence.... Oh no it rips it out of the ground and stuffs it up the arse of the topically deserving. LOL - will read you again.

P1P said...

damn it! I have only just twigged that you are going! This bites.

Dr Maroon said...

Can I have the wolf?
I come over most days to feed him, but i can't stay long, and he needs company.

Foot Eater said...

Let's comment-bomb him into coming back, head hung in shame.

Brewski said...

My next door neighbour is Navajo. Have that.

SafeTinspector said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SafeTinspector said...

I wonder if I'm still banned now that he's post-mortem?

No matter.

god speed, and good luck Anti-B

Twenty Major said...

See you in Mulligans, you old cunt.

justin barker said...

Now, that, I like.

Anonymous said...