Saturday, July 15, 2006

20 Eyes for an Eye.

I was going to have a rant about the Israelis today but there
really is no point as they have the most effective and efficient
public relations outfit that has ever been known.The only one
that has ever come close to them belongs to the murdering
babykillers we have up the North.You would have to wonder
why anyone ever asks a spokesperson from Israel or from
Sinn Fein anything because all you ever get is the usual oul'
"poor us" spiel that they've been spouting for years,everything
is everybody's fault but theirs,no matter who they happen to
be holocausting.All I'm saying is that they've learnt well from
the real founder of the state of Israel,Mr. A. Hitler.

Just sometimes you'd think that it might almost be worth not
having any petrol for a while because of some Hamas splinter
group having some kind of Dirty bomb.All I can do is not buy
any Avocado pears or other "Carmel" brands.Cunts.


Dr Maroon said...

Re brand avoidance.

Years ago, Pre Mandella, in Safeway, I asked the girl which were the Spanish oranges (post Franco) for I didn't buy Suid Afrikkaan.

" I know what you mean" she replied, " the thought of their little darkie hands touching everything..."

P1P said...

The wholemiddle east appears to be snafu. We aren't helping either. Israel did seem to overreact somewhat although I wouldn't think so if I had been kidnapped by those hamas wankers.

Dr Maroon I am now wiping coffee off my monitor thanks to you. You gotta love her! People scare me.

Kim Ayres said...

It's true AB. If you raise a voice against Israeli violence then you get accused of being an anti-semite.

Female nether regions.

fatmammycat said...

Don't worry Barnabus, it was the gays apparently.

the anti-barney said...

What have the gays done cuz ?

P1p,Zidane overreacted somewhat,what the Israelis are perpetrating is Genocide,with the Blessing of America,while the useless U.N. plays with itself.

Kim,years ago an old Jewish scrap-dealer known to everybody as"Smock the Jew "used to call around our area and everone had great time for him,he was witty and always in great humour.I don't think I dislike Jews,but any I met since Smock,I didn't like but as individuals,not because of what they were.This applies equally to Israelis but any of these that I've been unfortunate to come across have been thoroughly objectionable and arrogant.

Doc.,its just as well you never shopped around here as I often rebranded Apertheid goods when it suited me.Oh,the things we did.