Sunday, October 12, 2008

Never saw it coming.

" What would you like for Christmas this year?"
"There is nothing you have not given me already."
"But there must be something, my darling."
"Absolutely nothing, my precious "
" Would you like a new hat ? "
"I have at least twenty."
"A nice grey Homburg, my dearest ? "
"I really don't think so, light of my life. "
"Matching gloves and scarf, blood of my veins ? "
" Really Ellie, there is nothing I want "
"My poor Nikki, you've been so down lately that I
just wanted to take your mind off things."
"Things will improve in the new year, you'll see, we
might take a long weekend somewhere."
"Really Nikki, Where would we go ?"
"Oh, anywhere, Moscow, perhaps."
" Thats exactly what we need, I really don't think I
can cope with any more bad news at the moment,
its just one thing after another."
"I've told you ,dearest Ellie, we'll be allright, we
did not make the same silly mistakes all the
others made."
" But they all seemed so strong, so secure."
" Their foundations were shaky and they took their
eyes off the ball, gave too much, too easily."
" Its heartbreaking to see them drop, one by one."
" It won't happen here, dearest Elena "
" you said it wouldn't happen in Poland." She sighed,
" Or Hungary, or Czechoslovakia and two weeks ago,
" We've ruled here for 21 years, they wouldn't dare,
besides, the people love us." said Nicolae.

One week later, this happened on Christmas Day 1989.

I wonder was it the same for the Aztecs just before the end?
Were the citizens of Rome, even as Aleric and his horde of
Visigoths advanced on their once great city, still hoping for
some kind of miracle, as their leaders faffed about with
mickey-mouse solutions ? Did they not see the end coming?
Do we ?


Kim Ayres said...

But hey, it's OK if we mortgage ourselves up to the hilt. House prices just keep rising and rising.

And we can put any profits straight into the bank. I hear Iceland gives a pretty good rate of interest...

the anti-barney said...

That went out with the Indians Kim,I hear there's a fortune to be made by buying off-plan in the Costas, double your money in 6 months.Luvly jubly.

Dr Maroon said...

This is the best. Old times.
I have to run, but I@LL BE BACK>
Great stuff.

Foot Eater said...

Old Nic gets a bad press. Anyone who's against him is just a veiled anti-Romany racist.

the anti-barney said...

Hey Footsie, no, he wasn't the worst.Isn't it interesting that one of the crimes with which he was charged was of "Undermining the National Economy", maybe our monkeys should take note!