Thursday, October 16, 2008

And then...............................

The following takes us beyond the edge of decency, again, if you are easily

offended, I thought I told you to fuck off.

After the night I had just experienced I knew I could die a

happy man, but not just yet, not without a drink first, at least.

My temple was throbbing as much as my "head" was

last night.

" I suppose a drink is out of the question."

WHACK. Mbosi lashed the hilt across my shin.

He was not a large man, rather on the small side, petite even,

all right, he was a fuckin' dwarf and the little bollix was enjoying

our present circumstance.

" Fuck you, I want a drink."


Thinks......... " Rule 1, Do not aggravate a Dwarf with a bayonet "

" I am not happy." said Mbosi.

" well which one are you ?" God help me, I couldn't resist it.


Obviously not the first time he heard it.

Thinks............ " Rule 2, for fuck's sake, heed rule 1.

" Mr. Barney, you have something I and my large organization

want and need."

" If you keep flicking that bayonet, you'll have something I

want and need."


Thinks.................... " Jaysus.", says............

" Fuck you, shortarse, who let you out ? "


" Where did you learn to scam ? You must've gone to the

George Bush school of scamming.

WHACK WHACK...........................WHACK.

Thinks.................... Rule 1, rule 1, for fucks sake, rule 1.

" Do you know," says the little bollix, I was quite hoping you'd

be un-cooperative, we'll see how cocky you are when we're

finished with you." He reached down and produced a small

leather case and slowly unzipped it.

" O.K. Rosie, you know what to do."

Jesus, did she know. Out of the case he palmed a video camera

as Rosie begun to caress my tenderest bits. It was plain to all

that I was heroically trying to ignore Rosie's devilish ministrations,

no more than reasonably successfully when Katya intervened.

" Perhaps I can encourage him." she said slyly and Mbosi

nodded his agreement.

Thinks....................I'm bolloxed now.

She rummaged about on the table and came up behind me

with a tumbler full of Hennessy, cradled my head with one

hand and poured the French-style water-of-life into my

parched mouth and I could've sworn she gave me a con-

piratorial wink as she did so, she also " cradled " my other

bits when she'd emptied the glass.

It wasn't exactly my idea of torture, I thought, as the

brandy kicked in and the chemicals of the previous night

released their residue. I'll tell you one thing, that Rosie

knew her job, I'd swear she could suck the chrome off a

tow-bar ball-hitch. I closed my eyes and let nature and

Rosie take its course and just as the fireworks started,

the fireworks started.


Kim Ayres said...

Nope. No idea where this is heading. Just don't do a Maroon and drop the story just as it becomes interesting

the anti-barney said...

Don't worry Kim, I don't spend all my time lickin' up to oul' wans on my site. Seeing how there's just the two of us here, I'll mail you the end bit.

Kim Ayres said...

You have to post the next one here. Then the post of the guy with the post up his arse will shift on to the next page and I won't have to pause and take a breath before clicking on a link to come here.