Sunday, May 07, 2006

Now I'm not a violent man,despite my size,weight and strength.
Apart from the time that I tried to twist a fellow's head off his
shoulders when he pissed me off at a party(Its quite difficult but
I'd always wanted to twist someone's head off).

And apart from that chap in the sportscar who had cut me up
in traffic and sneered as he went past.Well he wasn't sneering
when I caught up with him at the next set of traffic-lights!

And apart from that teenager whose leg I broke with a kick
when I caught him stealing drink from my van one Christmas

And apart from the dozens of people upon whom I've threatened
to visit violence over the years(but never had to ).

Well maybe I am a Little violent and I've a good mind to go
over and have a word with oul' Go-be-the-wall Maroon who
is openly canvessing for replacements for myself and Binty.
No sooner had me'n'Binty sat down to rest our weary bones
when the treacherous oul' bollix is out,batin' the ditches for
extras to use in "Gothic."
You wouldn't mind but an educated man,like he's supposed to
be,should have realised that he'd have to bate 4 or 5 bloggers
into one to encapsulate the diversity of characters either of
us are or manic depressives,in other words.
The sheer gall of the little sleeveen,he's like a sweetheart who
suggests a trial seperation and then you see her warin' the
face off half the school disco,you fuckin' bitch,Janet.
As I've said,I've a good mind to go over and.......


fatmammycat said...

Forgive him Barney, for he knows not what he's doing, and also I'd imagine he'd have an attack of the vapours if you as much as shook your fist at him. Eeeee, ain't drinking Vermouth on a Sunday grand, off now to watch the Arsenal demolish those lying 'food poisoned' arse hole 'Spurs.
laters XX

the anti-barney said...

You are just going to make a podcast of you going Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
I can't wait to hear it.Enjoy the game.

Dr Maroon said...

Were all our hearts broke by the Janets of this world?
Sorry about the work.
Eric Newbie was on a train going to Istambul when the Turkish business man he was sharing with asked him
"And what is your affliction?"
meaning his line of work.

Surely the best description.

Fatmammycat's been pinin' somethin' rotten she has. I haven't the heart to tell her that i shall be supporting Barcelona in the European Final. Two reasons,
1 Henrik Larsson MBE, King of Kings.
2 If Barca win, Celtic don't have to qualify.
Three reasons.
3 I've got a lucky Barca shirt (No7, Larsson) and I want to wear it to the pub to antagonise the bastards.

Monstee said...

So, am the work over AB or am you just blogging at work like so many do?

SheBah said...

AB - but Maroons dastardly strategy
worked a treat! You've come back to help slay the vamps.

Kim Ayres said...

Well if you want to send me a BC Script of you taking Dr M down a peg or two then I'm sure I can find the time to build it.

I would offer the same option to said Doctor, but he's never submitted a BC script in all the 4 months it's been going.

the anti-barney said...

Sorry to burst your balloon Doc.,but Larsson won't even get a game,'cept in the last 15 minutes when Barca are down 2-0.
Monstee,blog at work ? I'm lucky to get the use of THE pencil.

Sb.,Doc Maroon needs to be careful for what he wishes.

Kim,I wouldn't glorify him in a script in case he won another award and became even smugger.