Friday, October 15, 2010

Los Treinte Y Tres

I can't get away from the uncomfortable feeling that the
Chilean Miners were poxed in luck to be trapped in that
"Third World " country rather than this Shithole of a
failed State that we call a Country.
Had we got anything worth mining, and had we got a Mining
Industry, and had our unfortunate miners been trapped
following an infrastructure collapse of some description,
I doubt they would ever have been located,never mind a
rescue attempt.
If, by some stroke of luck, they were located after 17
days, our Glorious Government, having formed a Committee
to employ Consultants, to establish a Quango, eventually
recall the Dail to inform a News Conference that there
is no money available to attempt a rescue at this time,
but that the Irish people would send down an adequate
supply of Iodine Tablets, along with some surplus Butter
Vouchers left over from the Eighties.
Not that I couldn't see a Government-Jetful of our
preening, self-important, expences-fiddling failures
of Gobshite Ministers Junketing off to Chile, but only
to ascertain the most efficient method of suppressing

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