Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not My Work

I didn't write this, but I wish to fuck I did.

I got it in an e-mail, but I like to think it is something that I might
have posted if I was still active.

RTE News 15th February 2007 18.02

British & Irish Governments Plan Ceremony in Croke Park Northern IrelandMinister Peter Hain has announced details of a joint ceremony before Irelands crunch game against England in Croke Park on the 24th February.The significance of the game is not lost on GAA followers and republicans who remember the infamous shooting of 14 players and supporters by the British Army on the 21st November 1921.However according to GAA spokesman U Magee a plan being devised by the GAA and the Northern Ireland office, will attempt to draw a line under the incident."We've spoken to the British government and they understand the significance of the event back in 1921. Back then 14 people were killed by British forces so in the spirit of the peace process and friendship we're proposing that we shoot 14 of their lot before the match. Then maybe have fireworks afterwards or something." Said Mr Magee.

Government Reaction

The plan has had a mixed reaction from Downing Street. Prime Minister Tony Blair thinks the idea has merit but said that it needs to be done properly and with dignity."Frankly I think its a small price to pay for progression in Anglo-Irish affairs, but I think the idea of getting Ray Houghton to do the shooting would be too much for many English fans to take particularly after his goal against us back in 1988. And he's Scottish which is worse."

Proposed Victims

According to informed sources, the GAA and Number 10 have already drawn up a list of names for those to be shot. The list, which is not yet agreed, is thought to be a compromise of people that both the Irish and English public dislike. Among the names are moaney-hole singer James Blunt, foul mouth idiot Jade Goody, Trinny & Suzannah, Man Utd donkey Rio Ferdinand, cream cake expert Vanessa Feltz, "comedian" Russell Brand and any of the blokes who do outside broadcasts for Sky News.But discussions took an ironic twist when both sides agreed on shooting Belfastsinger Brian Kennedy, but neither side agreed on what nationality he was. GAA representatives claim he's British with their Foreign Office counterparts claiming he's Irish. The Irish claimed no Irishman should sing or dance in such a manner and the English saying he couldn't be a Brit because he had no tattoos on his forearm and didn't wear Ben Sherman shirts. However there was eventual consensus that he should be shot regardless of his nationality.Plans agreedThe shooting will be carried out my members of the 2nd Infantry Battalion from Cathal Brugha Barracks in Dublin. The original idea to get the FCA to carry out the executions were dropped when they revealed that their rifles are in fact made of baked-plastercine. Similarly the Garda Emergency Response Unit was discounted for fear they'd shoot more innocent civilians then claim overtime for it.


Binty McShae said...

Very good - Whose was it?

fatmammycat said...

? And where are ya these days?

Kim Ayres said...

I suspect you secretly wish you were still active.

Wish you were.

Hope life's treating you well anyway.

Dr Maroon said...

Did you ever actually get to vapourise Barney?

the anti-barney said...

Binty,how's it going ? I don't know who wrote it,I got it as a forwarded e-mail.

Ms.Cat,same-ol', same-ol',up to me tits in legals,but the end is in sight, T.F.

Kim, hope the writing is going well for you,ere a Shilling yet ?
I not too secretly wish I had the enthusiasm and/or the energy to write.

Doc.,thats a long story.
Initially I had the wholehearted support of Malicia and the Girls in my conflict with Barney but as time went on this support lessened 'till it reached a point where they were totally opposed to it,anti-AntiBarney,if you like.Realizing that I could not carry on without home support,I reluctantly met with some of Barney's people and a deal was struck.
In return for allowing him a link on my site he has agreed to protect my interests on the Great W.W.W. I've also agreed that he,and/or his friends can use any of my work as he sees fit,and to pay me ( a small ) commission should he do so,less any expences incurred while protecting said interests.I have agreed, on my part, to cease and desist from Mocking,Slagging or otherwise Abusing ( without prejudice ) my new friend.He has also promised to send an expert ( subject to a maximum of 2 years )to sort out the differences between Myself and Malicia.

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Dr Maroon said...

Happy Christmas AB!

Christmas 2007 that is.

I don't know how often you check. Never probably, so I could probably call you a cunt and you'd never know.

But I'd never do that.

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